Company History

Aaron Stokes, founder of EuroFix, was visiting his girlfriend (now wife) in North Carolina, when his Saab hydroplaned off of the interstate and flipped upside down. Due to both his lack of money, and his substantial mechanical experience, Aaron had no choice but to stay in North Carolina and attempt to fix his badly damaged vehicle in order to get back to his home in Franklin, Tennessee. After six months of working side jobs to buy parts and make ends meet, he finally got his Saab ready for the long trek back home. Strange but true, this event was the spark that ignited Aaron’s interest and passion for car repair. Shortly afterwards, EuroFix (known as “The Saab Shop” then) was born in a small one-car garage in downtown Franklin.

1999-The Garage Where It All Began

It didn’t take long for this new business to take off and he quickly realized he needed more help to keep up with the demands. Aaron hired his two younger brothers, Joe and Jon Stokes, and moved his business to a barn located in his backyard.

2000 - 2004 - The Barns Days

Doors Open For Business

One Of Our First Clients At The Barn

I started this business with $50 in tools and an idea, that there is a better way to do auto repair... And I believe we have found that. -Aaron Stokes (Owner/Founder)

By 2004, solely from the quality of customer satisfaction and word of mouth recommendations, the business began to thrive with its continually expanding staff and business clientele, ultimately causing it to outgrow its location. EuroFix was able to move its operations to a new location near downtown Franklin, TN, while also expanding from strictly Saab repair to also Volvo, Audi, Volkswagen, Mercedes Benz, BMW, MINI, and Porsche repair. Like any other business, there were bumps along the road, but fortunately, Aaron was able to carve a large enough niche for EuroFix that enabled him to eventually open a second location in Nashville, TN, a third in Murfreesboro, TN, a fourth in Belle Meade, TN, and a fifth in Mount Juliet, TN. When it comes to auto repair in Middle Tennessee, the name that can’t be beat it Eurofix.

2004 - EuroFix Moved To A New Location In Franklin, TN

2009 - EuroFix Moved To A New Location In Franklin, TN

2011 - EuroFix Moved Its Franklin Location To A New Building

2011 - EuroFix Opened Its Third Location In Murfeesboro, TN


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