The EuroFix Story – About Us

Aaron Stokes, Owner & Founder

Aaron Stokes is the founder of EuroFix. As a young adult, he was involved in a car crash that left him stranded cashless across state lines, inevitably forcing him to work side jobs and study car repair as a way to fix his vehicle to get back home in Franklin, TN. Fortunately, Aaron had a solid foundation already in basic engine repair as a result of many years of fixing and “tinkering” with dirt bikes and four-wheelers throughout his childhood. By chance, it was this event that triggered his love for car repair and inspired him to go into business for himself offering fast, convenient, and reliable European auto repair. In 1999, Aaron started his shop in a one-car garage near downtown Franklin. A few months later, he moved his business to an old barn located behind his house, in order to be closer to his family. Five years later, solely from the quality of customer satisfaction and word-of-mouth recommendations, Aaron decided to try and expand EuroFix to a larger location in town. This “tipping point” was the catalyst that paved the way for future locations across Middle Tennessee.

Today, Aaron lives in Franklin with his wife and four children. One of Aaron’s favorite hobbies is riding dirt bikes and motorcycles. He also has a passion for teaching and helping young teenagers, which is why he served as a youth pastor in his church for over six years. After many years of service, he eventually felt that he needed a rest from ministry to continue to build the business the Lord had blessed him with. Aaron is a motivated, hard-working, and fast-paced individual that is genuinely honored by every customer that chooses to have their vehicle serviced at any EuroFix location. Aaron’s goal is to provide honest, quality work at a fair price while sharing the love of Jesus Christ through his personal and professional actions so that he can give back to the community that has given him so much.

“I started this business with $50 in tools and an idea, that there is a better way to do auto repair. I believe we have found that.”


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